What is the address of my hosting control panel?

Linux Hosting – www.yourwebsite.com.au/cpanel

Windows Hosting – www.yourwebsite.com.au/plesk

If you do not have a login, or you are on a legacy hosting plan please contact support@zetta.net.au for assistance.

How do I upload files to my web site

You can use the upload feature in your CPANEL or PLESK interface.

Legacy hosting customers can FTP to upload.highway1.com.au using WinSCP or any other FTP/SFTP application.

Can I run scripts and databases on Standard Hosting?

Yes, you can run PHP and HTML.

What file types can ZettaNet support?

html, shtml, cgi, php, asp and .aspx (.net 2 through 4)

Where can I find my web statistics?

Web statistics generated by AWSTATS can now be found as a subdirectory under your domain or in your CPANEL/PLESK Admin Area. For example:


If your domain does not have the “/webstats/” folder configured or you do not have a username and password to access this area please contact support@zetta.net.au.

As an alternative we recommend you set up a FREE Google Analytics account which provides excellent web statistics reporting.

Can I install my own third party applications?

Yes but only on CPANEL and PLESK hosted websites. For more complex configurations we recommend a co-located or virtual server from ZettaGrid for this purpose.