What is SHDSL and BDSL?

BDSL (Broadband Digital Subscriber Line) or SHDSL (Single-Pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line) is a high capacity, low latency, low contention, reliable data connection. It provides network connectivity between two connection points, delivering symmetrical throughput rates. This means you receive the same download and uploads speeds. It is more reliable than ADSL and offers a committed speed. ZettaNet offers speeds up to 2Mbps although higher speeds are available upon request.

This service is ideal for small to medium sized offices who require a dedicated internet bandwidth or need to interconnect with other offices using VPNs.

What speeds can I expect with BDSL/SHDSL

We offer symmetric speeds up to 4Mbps with SHDSL and 2Mbps with our BDSL service.

Where is SHDSL/BDSL available?

These services are available nationally. Please give a call for regional area pricing.

Why is SHDSL/BDSL more expensive than ADSL?

SHDSL and BDSL services are specifically designed for business requirements. More specifically:

Connections have a much lower latency than ADSL1 or ADSL2+ and therefore the responsiveness on a 1Mb SHDSL connection can be equivalent to a 12Mbs ADSL2+ service.

  • All SHDSL services have a 1:1 contention ratio therefore you have a uncongested link to the internet unlike normal ADSL1 or ADSL2+ broadband services.
  • SHDSL services have a higher reliability and quicker restoration targets than ADSL. Specifically:
  • Service availability target is 99.9%.
  • Fault response target is 1 hour.
  • Fault restoration target is 4 hours.

Can multiple SHDSL services be bonded together to get 8Mbit and 16Mbit speeds?

Yes but this is dependent upon your location and the available lines. We offer this service as Midband Ethernet.

What equipment do I need to supply?

We recommend a CISCO SHDSL router at your premises to terminate the connection. This equipment is available to purchase from ZettaNet or you can supply your own.

How long does it typically take to install a SHDSL or BDSL service?

The commissioning process typically takes 21 working days.

Is MPLS supported over SHDSL/BDSL?

Yes, ZettaNet can provide an MPLS (private network) service over SHDSL/BDSL