What is a service guarantee or service level agreement (SLA)?

For many businesses and people internet downtime costs you money; To ensure our primary goal is your service we provide a service guarantee, also known as service level agreement (SLA) for most of our services. When we do not deliver on our service guarantee you are compensated by way of a service rebate in the form of account credit. To view the specific service guarantees and rebates available to your service please read the appropriate Service Description.

How do I claim under the service guarantee?

Please complete a Service Rebate Application.

Where can I find more detailed information about the SLA?

Please read the section “Service Level Agreement” available in our General Terms and Conditions.

I have a customised service. Is that covered by a service guarantee?

Please ask your ZettaNet Account Manager or Sales Representative.

Can I get a higher service level?

Yes, although your monthly service charge is likely to increase. Please ask your ZettaNet Account Manager or Sales Representative for further information.