As a ZettaNet customer you may receive emails suggesting your account will be suspended or may expire and are directed to open an attachment or to go to a strange website to renew your account. These are attempts to “phish” for your credit card details or install a virus. The emails have NOT been sent by ZettaNet and are fraudulent. The following points will help identify legitimate emails from ZettaNet:

  • All renewal requests will come from
  • ZettaNet staff will never ask you to supply your credit card or account(login/password) details in an email.
  • All renewal emails will direct you to go to the ZettaNet website or, if the website is different from this (eg, then this is a fraudulent email.

To find our more information on this kind of activity please go to:

If you have any questions at all about the validity of any email sent to you please contact immediately.

Please forward any phishing email that your receive to so that appropriate criminal investigations may be undertaken.