What do I need to do to prepare for the NBN?

Please read the NBN Guide – Preparing from the NBN

Will my ADSL2+ modem work with the NBN?

In most cases, no it will not. (Your modem will require a WAN port). We provide several options during the signup form to purchase a NBN capable router.

What routers do you recommend?

Netcomm NF18ACV

Juniper SRX100

Juniper SRX110

Can I get the NBN equipment installed in a specific place in my house?

The installation cost covers the installation of equipment to the closest point to the street. In some cases this may be inconvenient or inappropriate (i.e. lounge room). If you want the installation to occur in another area there may be additional costs. Please inform the installer when they come to asses your property. Please note that this will likely delay you installation.

I cannot download at my full speed, what could be wrong?

  • The website your are accessing may not have the capacity to service a connection at your full speed at the current time.
  • There may be congestion on the network back haul.
  • Your equipment may not be able to route traffic at higher speeds. Cheaper equipment is not often able to route or firewall enough packets to achieve your maximum connection speed particularly on 100Mbps services.

Can I move my current PSTN Telephone Number to the NBN?

Yes, you can transfer your number to the NBN voice service. There is a one time transfer charge of $65.00.

Is the voice service VoIP?

Yes. The telephony service provided with your NBN plan by ZettaNet is VoIP.

Can I purchase a NBN plan without a phone service?

Not at this time.

Can I run both my old DSL broadband and new NBN service at the same time?

This will depend on the technology used to deliver the NBN service to your property and the installation you choose. Fibre To The Node (FTTN) service uses existing copper lines and as such you would need to sacrifice your existing ADSL service. However you can choose to order a new line installation (an additional $330) for your NBN service. Fibre To The Node (FTTN), Satelite and HFC technology will allow you to have both ADSL and NBN running at the same time. Please do keep in mind that with FTTN and HFC, copper lines will be removed 18 months after NBN becomes available within your area.

How much does it cost to change my plan?

To upgrade to a higher value plan is FREE.
To downgrade to a lower value plans costs $29.95.

To change your plan please contact us.

Please explain shaping?

Please visit our Broadband Shaping FAQ for further information.

I am moving house, how do I move my NBN connection?

Due to the limited coverage for NBN, you may not able to receive a NBN service at your new premises. Please contact us as soon as possible to assist you to find out what service are available at you new location.

How do I close a service or account?

Please use the online Close a Service form.