What is Naked DSL2+?

Naked DSL is an ADSL service without a dial tone. Thus you cannot make phone calls in the traditional manner. Customers who choose this product typically use VOIP to make calls with this service.

Can I make calls with Naked DSL2+?

You will not have a dial-tone so your normal touchtone telephones will not work. You will need to use a VoIP phone to make calls.

What are the reasons NOT to get Naked DSL2+?

The following services service may no longer work if you have a Naked DSL2+ service.

  • Emergency (000) calls
  • Monitored Alarm
  • Foxtel or Austar (Box Office)
  • Non-VOIP Phones

What equipment do I need?

A normal ADS2+ modem is all that is required. If you plan to make VoIP calls you will need a VoIP capable modem/router and a VoIP compatible phone.

Can I use VoIP to make calls instead?

Yes. You can use a ZettaNet VoIP service or any other that you choose.

Can I view ABC iView, Quickflicks, Sony PSN etc over ZettaNet Naked Broadband?

Yes, all of these services are available via a ZettaNet Broadband service.

Can I remove the Naked option later and get back a dial tone?

Yes, although there is a Service Change fee of $72.00.

Can I have Naked ADSL1?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a naked ADSL1 option.

Does having Naked DSL mean I will receive faster download speeds?

No, your download speed will be the same as if you had a traditional phone service on your telephone line.

Where are your Naked DSL plans?

See Naked DSL Plans

How much does it cost to change my plan?

To upgrade to a higher value ADSL2+ plan is FREE.
To downgrade to a lower value ADSL2+ plans costs $29.95.

To change your plan please use the online Broadband Plan Change form.

How long does the plan upgrade take?

An upgrade takes up to 4 hours when submitted during normal office hours.

Please explain shaping?

Please visit our Broadband Shaping FAQ for further information.

I am moving house, how do I move my ADSL connection?

Please complete an online Broadband Relocation form. It may take up to three weeks to get the service moved to we recommend that you submit this form as early as possible.

How do I close a service or account?

Please use the online Close a Service form.