What is Fibre Optic Internet?

Fibre Optic Internet (aka Metro Ethernet) connection provides the fastest and most reliable network connectivity available in today’s market. It permits transmission of data over longer distances and at higher data rates than other connectivity types like ADSL, BSDL, ISDN and Wireless.

Fibre is ideal to connect high traffic offices together, connect data centres and disaster recovery sites. We offer speeds up to 1Gbps for a managed Ethernet solution.

What speeds can I expect with Fibre / Metro Ethernet

We offer speeds from 2Mbps to 1000Mbps. All speeds are guaranteed.

What is the difference between Fibre and Midband Ethernet?

Fibre (Metro Ethernet) is delivered through the streets and to your building via fibre optic cable. This is the most resilient medium for communications transmission available today. Midband Ethernet is a copper service, meaning traditional telephone lines are used to deliver the service. Midband is subject to the typical problems with copper (line noise etc). The most important difference between Midband and Fibre are:

  • With Midband, the further you are away from the telephone exchange the slower you connection speed will be. Fibre does not have this problem.
  • Midband is limited in it’s upgrade capacity. To upgrade speed you will need to install more coppper telephone lines, which can be a very long process. Once you get to 8 copper lines you typically cannot add more and your speed cannot be increased. On the other hand, fibre speed can be upgraded by a simple programming change on our network.
  • Midband is limited to 40Mbps, Fibre can go up to 1000Mbps

Both Midband and Fibre have their places. Midband is a great entry point to a symmetric service.

What is the difference between Metro Ethernet Fibre and NBN fibre?

Metro Ethernet Fibre is a business grade service with guaranteed 1:1 speeds and allows business to connected directly with other offices to create private networks. NBN is currently a residential grade service. As such is provides no contention guarantees, service levels or ability to provide advanced private network features.

Where is Metro Ethernet available?

Fibre is available in most metropolitan and many regional centres. Please use our availability checker.

What is the Service Level on your Metro Ethernet service?

The SLA for this service is 99.95%

What does a Metro Ethernet service cost?

This price varies significantly depending upon the location of the sites. A monthly access charge can cost anywhere between $500 and $10,000 per month. The installation charge differs depending upon whether there is existing fibre infrastructure close to your location.

What equipment do I need to supply?

None, we will typically bundle a router with your service. (Typically Juniper or Cisco)

How long does it typically take to install a Metro Ethernet service?

The commissioning process typically takes between 20 and 60 days.

Do you charge for traffic between multiple Metro Ethernet connections through ZettaNet? (VPNs etc)

No, all traffic within the ZettaNet network and our customers is free of charge.

What is the network contention ratio of your Metro Ethernet service?

1:1, traffic is uncontended within the ZettaNet network to the customer. Other contention rates may apply for layer 3 (internet) connectivity.

Can you provide redundant independent Metro Ethernet Fibre links? (From different wholesale carriers)

Yes, if you require carrier redundancy please specify this when you discuss your requirements with our sales staff.

How do I get a fibre quote?

Please complete a Fibre Optic Internet quote form.

How do I get more data?

Purchase an Ethernet Data Block or contact us to provide a quote.