I cannot connect to the email server.

If you are experiencing email difficulties please see our Network Status page first before proceeding with further troubleshooting.

I cannot send mail using ZettaNet, I get a ‘mail relay’ error.

You will get this error if you are not using SMTP authentication. You will need to send your username and password as part of the sending email out through ZettaNet.

We require you to authenticate (send your username and password) with our server before you can send email from your computer via ZettaNet. This prevents non-ZettaNet subscribers sending email from our servers.

As an example, see “Step 9. Enable SMTP Authentication” on the Outlook Express Setup support page or call us for assistance.

I cannot connect to ZettaNet using a secure connection.

Please ensure your internet firewall or ADSL router permits outgoing traffic on the ports listed in ZettaNet Mail Server Settings.

What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?

POP3 connects to a mailbox, fetches the messages and then stores a copy locally on your computer. This is the recommended option when configuring your email client/program. We recommend using this option if you like to download all of your email onto one computer.

IMAP stores and arranges your messages on the mail server, where your email client/program lists the headers and retrieves messages by request. We recommend this option if like to view your mail from multiple computers. IMAP is like a central store for your email. It will allow you to leave your mail on the ZettaNet server and view email from various locations. If you sometimes use the webmail interface and othertimes use Outlook we recommend using IMAP. This is great for people who move around a lot.

Please Note: Because IMAP stores all email on the ZettaNet mail server, it is more likely that your mailbox quota will be filled through normal use. When using IMAP please monitor the the size of your mailbox and delete email when no longer required.

What is secure POP (POPS) and secure IMAP (IMAPS)?

Standard POP3 and IMAP are insecure and send your password over the internet in clear text. This means that if somone were to log your connection they could obtain your password.

By using secure POP3 (POPS) and secure IMAP (IMAPS) your authentication (username/password) is encrypted between you and ZettaNet. We can further secure the email information flowing between ZettaNet and yourself by transmitting this information over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Dont worry if this is confusing. We have provided step-by-step screenshots of how to secure a typical email client like Oulook Express later on.

My Mailbox is full. What do I do and how do I check each folder size?

Each email account is allocated a specific email quota and if you’re using IMAP to access your email messages, or you use Webmail directly,  you will need to make sure you’re monitoring your mailbox to ensure it does not fill up.

If you mailbox does reach the allocated quota, you will no longer be able to receive any new email messages. The sender of the email will also receive an error notice advising that the mailbox they’re sending to is full.

In such cases you must delete any unwanted emails. If you’re using IMAP you can do this from your computer. If you’re using Webmail directly you will need to log into your account, delete any unwanted email messages and then empty the Trash folder. Remember that space is used by any email in any folder that you have within your account including Spam and Trash. Alternatively, you can purchase additional disk space via our website or by clicking HERE.

You can easily check the size of each folder you have in your account by logging into Webmail and clicking on the Folder Manager icon located next to the FOLDERS heading. Click on the image below for a video guide.

How can I add a new ZettaNet email account to Outlook Express?

Please refer to the Outlook Express Setup Guide.

I have a different email client, where can I find my settings?

If you use another email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora or Microsoft Outlook please contact support@zetta.net.au and they will be able to assist you with your setup.

Displaying all emails within your mailbox in Webmail

Webmail has a feature which displays email messages as threads. This feature also removes any messages that are older than 6 months from view by default. You can change the time frame to 3, 6, 12, 24 months and infinite. Alternatively you can turn off Thread support altogether. To do so, log into the Webmail account and click on Settings. Set your preferences and click on Save Settings.