What is domain registration?

Domain registration is the process of “registering” a domain on the internet. This registration process tells everyone on the internet about a new domain. During the registration process you will need to supply your contact and company details to ensure you can legally obtain the domain.

What is Domain Management?

For ZettaNet customers, Domain management is the ongoing process of updating your domain to “point” to the correct servers on the internet. Once you have registered your domain, you need to be able to tell internet users where to find the website. in this case you would want to point them to ZettaNet. The non-technical process works like this:

If you type in the domain name, say www.eon.net.au

  1. Your computer looks up the where the domain is registered with a central authority (or a copy).
  2. This server then tells your computer where to find more information about www.eon.net.au, it will say to go an ask ZettaNet’s Domain Servers.
  3. ZettaNet’s Domain Servers then contain all of the information about your domain including where to find a website, where to send mail etc.
  4. Then your computer requests the information from the server hosting the website….all done!

ZettaNet Domain Management provides maintenance of domain information relating to steps 3 to 5. We give you access to an advanced DNS Toolbox to use as part of our annual Domain Management fee.

Use our online Domain Management form to apply for this service.

ZettaNet provides my Domain Management, where do administer this from?

Please log into the Secure DNS Admin Tool. If you do not have a login please contact our service desk team.

I want to change the ownership of my domain, how can I do this?

You need to complete the following Domain Transfer Authority (PDF)

How do I get a secure certificate for my website?

Please use the online Secure Certificate Registration form.

What is a wildcard certificate?

A wildcard certificate is one where you use the certificate on multiple website. Say you purchase the certificate *.eon.com.au. The “*” means you can use anything in this part of the domain name.

You can then use this certificate on www.eon.net.au, mail.eon.net.au, vpn.eon.net.au…and so on.

Please be aware that some Wildcard certificates are not accepted by some servers. Please check with us before purchasing a wildcard certificate.

Are domain registrations or SSL Certificates refundable?

No, if you cease using the domain or secure certificate there are no refunds available.

I’ve received an email from domains@zetta.net.au asking if I want to renew my domain, is this legitimate?

Yes, ZettaNet has introduced an automated domain renewal system. You will receive an email like the following:

Dear Jon Citizen,
This is a courtesy reminder to inform you that according to our records, the domain name joncitizen.com.au that you are responsible for expires in 60 days (Oct. 18, 2011). Please click the following link and let us know if you want to renew this domain or let it expire.


If you fail to renew your domain before Oct. 18, 2011 your domain name and any services that use this domain name (such as your website or email services) will cease to work. Please feel free to contact ZettaNet on the information below should you require further assistance.

ZettaNet Internet Solutions (Including Global Dial EON, Nerdnet and Worldwide Internet)

Phone 1300 139 550
Fax 1300 794 469