What Dial-Up number should I be using for my ZettaNet Dial-Up?

The National Dial-Up Number is 0198 331 358. This is a local call in most locations in Australia.

Is the Dial-Up number a local call?

Yes, this is a local call throughout Australia. The only exception would be if you were dialling from a hotel that charges phone calls per minute – please check directly with the hotel.

When dialling up I get error messages. What should I do?

Write down the error message and call ZettaNet support on 1300 139 550. We will be able to advise what the error means and the resolution to the problem.

When dialling up I get an error message stating my Username and/or Password are incorrect. What should I do?

It is best to call support with these issues. We can check your Username and Password to see if they are correct. If the password is not correct we reset if for you.

After dialling up I cannot access any websites. What should I do?

Check your DNS settings within your Local Area Connection Settings. You may need to enter in our DNS server addresses. These are available on the General Settings page.

My modem hangs up every 5 to 20 minutes.

This is a common problem when you have a fax machine or a telephone plugged into the same phone line as the modem. In particular, the Telecom T200 Touchphone recharges its batteries for its recall memory by drawing electrical current from the phone line every 5 to 20 minutes. This is enough to interrupt high speed data transmission using a modem.

To solve this you can either unplug the phone when you use your modem, buy a new phone, or if you are renting your phone from Telstra (as most people do), they will probably replace it at no charge for a Touchphone 200R which solves this problem.

My modem keeps disconnecting unexpectedly.

You may have call waiting turned on. If a call comes through with call waiting enabled, your modem will usually drop the connection. To turn it off you need to dial #43# before connecting and to re-enable it, dial *43#.

Telephone double adaptors and very long extension cables can cause drop-outs. Phone cables come in different qualities. If you are getting poor performance from the modem and a lot of drop-outs, good quality phone cable is worth investing in. If possible, try plugging the modem directly into the phone line with no other devices attached anywhere in the house.

Telstra’s telephone Exchange and the distance to it can make a difference in your connection performance. Some exchanges might have some good lines and some bad lines so sometimes you unfortunately get a bad line. Each call you make may be different.

My modem cannot recognise the dial-tone.

There are different dial tones available in the network. If your modem cannot recognise the dial-tone make sure that the phone line is plugged into the correct modem socket (usually: “Line”).

Test the line to make sure that there is a dial-tone by plugging a telephone into the same socket. Try to make a call from it. If you have Telstra MessageBank you will hear a different beeping dial-tone. Your modem will not recognise it as a dial-tone and you will not be able to dial out.

I am dialling STD and cannot make a successful connection

If you are experiencing problems with STD Pips interfering with data transmission, phone Telstra to see if you can have them suppressed. Make sure you are dialling the correct STD code before the telephone number. And always keep in mind the STD charges.