Where can I find a summary of the data centre information?

Please visit Our Data Centre Space page for general information on our major data centres. For other information please contact our Business Sales team on 1300 139 550.

Can I tour the data centre before proceeding to order?

Yes. Please contact your Account Manager to arrange a tour. For safety reasons we limit groups to no more than two visitors at any one time. Please note that some data centres require an induction prior to entry.

How long do I get to setup a rack?

We permit 2 hours for your initial equipment setup in the first month. You can use this all at once or in 1hr blocks. For full rack installations we will allow more time, please discuss this with your account manager.

Is there any special testing required before installation into the data centre?

Yes, please ensure you test your server against a RCD protected power supply. This will also be tested once at the data centre along with some other technical checks. We recommend that you pre-configure as many possible settings on your equipment prior to arriving the in the DC as some do not have staging areas to do this work comfortably.

What is the lead time for installation of my equipment?

Rack space provisioning varies based upon data centres. Rack unit requirements less than 12RU can typically be ready for use within 3 business days. Full rack availability is dependent upon each data centre and may vary between 1-6 weeks.

Are you able to supply equipment to me on a leased basis?

Yes. If you would prefer to lease equipment rather than purchase it yourself please talk to your account manager

Do you have a preference for brands or models of equipment to colocate?

No, although we recommend that you utilise equipment that is under a manufacturers warranty.

Can I get more space later on if I need to?

Yes. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that new equipment will be in close proximity to your existing equipment. Space is in demand and is consumed quickly. We recommend you purchase enough space to meet your medium term needs. If when you come to purchase new space and you need your existing servers moved to this new location a setup fee may be charged.

Does ZettaNet insure my equipment when in the DC?

No. ZettaNet’S INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER YOUR EQUIPMENT. You are recommended to take out insurance of your own. Please contact one of the many insurers to organise a policy.

I am installing blade servers, what advice do you have?

Blade servers and larger SAN’s can have specific power requirements. You may require different power distribution units (PDUs) to accommodate this type of equipment. Please talk to your account manager to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you accept tower servers (i.e. ATX Cases) and desktops in the DC?

We do, however they are not recommended because they often do not contain server grade hardware including dual power supplies and use between 3 and 4 RU (when on their side). ZettaNet will charge for the height of the server plus any shelves that are required to rest the server on.

Do you provide shelves?

Yes, we can supply these on a monthly rental.

What is the maximum power consumption available in a whole rack?

This varies between data centres but is usually between 4Kw to 18Kw.

What kind of racks do you use?

This varies between data centres. We commonly use HALAM and APC. Typical dimensions are:

  • Width (Mounting Holes): 465mm
  • Width (Opening): 450mm
  • Post to Post Depth: 780mm (Approx)
  • Total Rack Depth: 900mm (Approx)
  • Single Rack Unit (RU) Height: 44.45 mm (1.75 inches)

What occurs if primary power or cooling is lost to the data centre?

The power will switch to the DC UPS. If the duration is long enough then diesel generators will activate.

Can you provide 3-Phase power?

Yes. Implementation of 3 phase power will incur an additional setup cost. Please discuss this with your account manager.

Can you provide 16Amp, 20Amp and 32Amp Power feeds?

Yes, we can provide 16Amp, 20Amp and 32Amp Power feeds. We can also supply multiple configurations into a rack.  Please discuss this with your account manager.

Will I get automatically notified in the event of a data centre emergency like primary power loss?

No. You will need to have your own automated external monitoring. e.g. Hyperspin

Why do you ask for the amps (power) of the equipment prior to arranging an installation date?

This is for power load balancing purposes. We need to determine which area of a data centre would be best suited to accommodate your power requirements.

Why is the SLA lower for single PSU (power supply unit) equipped equipment?

The Service Level Agreement for Single UPS Feed is 99.7%. We offer racks with UPS A only feeds and some with diverse A+B power feeds. This diversity is designed to exceed our stated service level. If you utilise equipment with single power supply units you do not receive the benefit of the secondary redundant feed.

What temperature is the data centre maintained at?

Temperatures vary between data centres but are typically maintained at between 18C and 28C. Many DC have adopted a green policy and regulates the temperature to 22-24C as optimum. Relative humidity is maintained at between 35% and 70% non-condensing.

Can I get into the data centre 24×7 unescorted?

Yes, but only if you have:

  • Purchased a separate secure rack space. Either 1/3 Rack (15RU), 1/2 Rack (22RU) or Full Rack (45RU)
  • AND completed the data centre access application and subsequent induction.
  • AND paid for the data centre swipe card. (This card remains the property of the data centre at all times)

If you do not meet these requirements you will require ESCORTED access into the data centre.

In all cases you will need to complete a Data Centre Activity Request form to install or remove equipment from the data centre. Please allow at least 48 hours notice for any non-emergency request.

What does the induction involve?

You will be provided with a technical tour of the specific facility, shown the safe work procedures and informed about security requirements.

Do you offer a remote hands service?

Yes, we are able to provide server removal, replacement, reboots and a range of other data centre services for you. Please contact ZettaNet for rates.

How much does it cost to be escorted to the data centre out of business hours?

Unless otherwise specified in your contract the allocated hours per month to visit your rack space is applicable to business hours only. (Mon-Fri 6am to 6pm WST). After hours rates (including travel time) are $49.50/15mins (inc tax).

Can I get a separate lockable space if I have less than a full rack?

Yes, although this must be specifically requested. Available secure format include 1/3 Rack (15RU), 1/2 Rack (22RU). Please note that these spaces are not always available. Please discuss this requirement with your account manager.

What is the process to install or remove equipment in the data centre?

Please complete the Data Centre Activity Request form. Please allow at least 48 hours notice for any non-emergency request.

If I have an emergency and need to go to the data centre in the next 24 hours what do you do?

During business hours please call 1300 139 550 and talk to your account manager. If the request occurs out of business ours please 1300 320 030. Leave a message with your name and contact number and the on-call technician will contact you. Please note that after hours rates will apply to an escorted visit in this circumstance.

I have lost my swipe card to access the data centre, how do I get a new one?

Please inform support@zetta.net.au if you have lost your swipe card. We will get the card cancelled. You will be required to purchase a new one.

Is the security of the data centres monitored 24×7?

Yes. There are also many other security measures in place. Please contact your account manager should you have further questions in regards to security.

Who is responsible for maintaining my equipment once installed in the DC?

You, are responsible at all times for maintaining the equipment. ZettaNet will not maintain or administer your equipment without a prior written contractual agreement.

If I need equipment replaced under onsite warranty (DELL, Cisco). Can an equipment representative visit the data center unescorted?

Only if that person has been inducted into the data centre. If not, the equipment representative must be escorted by an person who has been duly inducted for that particular data centre.

How much does excess data cost?

Excess varies based upon your contract.

Do you permit connections from other carriers

Yes. Please see your account manager to discuss your requirements.

How much does a cross connect cost?

This varies between each data centre. Distance to the carrier rack and labour to install may be an additional pricing factor.

Can I run Fibre or Metro Ethernet directly to my servers?

Yes, although we recommend that you provide ZettaNet with the opportunity to quote on this connection. We will be able to simplify the installation and will likely be able to deliver it at lower costs than most retail providers.

Can I get a leased line (E1) or frame relay installed to the data centre?

Yes. As these are typically directly charged products (provider to you) we will need to co-ordinate with the provider and the data centre to manage the installation.