What is Bundled DSL2+?

Bundled DSL2+ is the similar to the typical DSL2+ Broadband but provides you with a combined internet and telephone service. You get a great internet speed, plus we provide you with cheaper telephone line rental, call rates and extra download quota.

How are your Broadband services delivered?

Our Broadband DSL services are delivered over copper telephony line via the Telstra, Optus or AAPT Wholesale Broadband Network.

Does having Bundled DSL2+ with a phone service mean I will receive slower download speeds?

No, your download speed will exactly the same with or without a phone service.

What are the telephone call rates for Bundled DSL2+

The call rates can be found here.

Will I get a bill from Telstra / Optus for my line rental when I use a Bundled DSL2+ service?

No, ZettaNet will provide you with an invoice for both your internet and telephone service. One single, simple invoice.

Can I use VoIP over my Bundled DSL2+ service

Yes, you sure can. There is no interference between VoIP and normal telephone calls.

Can I view ABC iView, Foxtel, Quickflicks etc over ZettaNet Broadband?

Yes, all of these services are available via a ZettaNet Broadband service.

What speeds can I expect with Bundled DSL2+

ZettaNet cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain speed. That is why we specify “Up to”. Speed is typically affected by:

  1. Distance from the telephone exchange.
  2. The number and type of other services on the line.
  3. Your phone line quality of the copper pair between the exchange and the your premises .
  4. Your hardware (specifically modem).
  5. The capacity and current load of the server or website you are accessing.

A majority of customers will sync in excess of 6Mpbs with some reaching up to 15Mbps and a small minority close to 20Mbps.

What equipment do I need?

In order to connect to an ADSL2+ service you will need a ADSL2+ compatible modem/router. These are available to purchase during the signup process. We will preconfigure this device prior to send it to you so you can plug it in and start using the internet straight away.

You may also supply your own equipment.

Can I use my old dial-up modem with ADSL2+?

No, dial-up modems will not work with the ADSL2+ service.

If I move to ZettaNet how long will it take to set up?

This depends on what kind of service you have chosen. The typical timeframes are listed below:

  • New Telephone Line Installation – 15 Business Days
  • Port In (From another ISP) – 10 Business Days
  • Churn (From Optus or Optus-based ISP) – 5 Business Days

I have internet with another provider, if I move, how long will I be without the internet?

This depends on what kind of service you have chosen. The average internet outage timeframes are listed below:

  • New Telephone Line Installation – None
  • Port In (From another ISP) – Up to 2 hours
  • Churn (From Optus or Optus-based ISP) – Typically 5 minutes

I have cancelled my account with my current ISP but my ZettaNet service has yet not been activated. Do you provide free dial-up?

Yes, we provide free dial-up accounts to new customers moving to ZettaNet please contact our Service Desk to set up your dial-up username and password.

Do I have to cancel my internet account with my current ISP?

No, they will be automatically notified when your service is moved to ZettaNet.

How do I check to see if I can get Bundled DSL2+?

Please use the Service Availability Tool.

If you have checked with another ISP and found that you can get ADSL2+ but our website indicates that you cannot please contact our Service Desk and we will do a manual service qualification for you.

Where can I find the status of my ADSL2+ application?

Please contact support@zetta.net.au

I have submitted my application and now I am told that I can no longer get ADSL2+, why?

There are several reasons for this. Most typically it is due to technical and capacity reasons. For example:

  • Located on a Rim or Sub-exchange
  • No Ports is available
  • No available pairs
  • No redundant copper from the MDF

Please contact our Service Desk to discuss alternative internet connection options.

Where can I find technical help (modem and router settings)?

Please visit our Broadband Modem/ Router Settings page for technical support.

I cannot get ADSL2+, what are my other options?

We offer the following alternatives to ADSL2+:

  • Midband Ethernet
  • NBN Broadband
  • Fibre Optic

Please contact our Service Desk to discuss alternative internet connection options.

Can I get a DSL (Naked) service without a phone service?

Please see our Naked ADSL2+ FAQ.

Can I get a ADSL2+ without moving my telephone service to ZettaNet?

Yes, we call this DSL2+ Broadband.

Can I use ZettaNet and a different VoIP provider?

Yes, you can use any other VoIP provider. There are no charges for doing this.

How do I configure my phone services?

Please see our Phone Support home page.

How much does it cost to change my plan?

To upgrade to a higher value ADSL2+ plan is FREE.
To downgrade to a lower value ADSL2+ plans costs $29.95.

To change your plan please use the online Broadband Plan Change form.

How long does the plan upgrade take?

An upgrade takes up to 4 hours when submitted during normal office hours.

Please explain shaping?

Please visit our Broadband Shaping FAQ for further information.

I am moving house, how do I move my ADSL connection?

Please complete an online Broadband Relocation form. It may take up to three weeks to get the service moved to we recommend that you submit this form as early as possible.

How do I close a service or account?

Please use the online Close a Service form.