How do I test my Broadband speed

Please use our Speed Test Tool.

What are the typical DSL modem settings?

You can find the settings here.

My Broadband speed is very slow, what could be causing it?

This is typically a result of one of the following causes:

  • Unfiltered Devices –  Your speed can be slowed by line noise due to unfiltered devices. The ADSL modem does not need a Telephone line filter. but every other service connected to your telephone line needs to have a Telephone line filter installed (i.e. Phone, Fax, Alarm, Foxtel, EFTPOS).
  • Shaping – Your service has been shaped and your service has been slowed. In this case you would experience a download speed between 128kbps and 512kbps depending upon your plan. Your speed will be reset on your account anniversary date.
  • Other Downloaders at your house/office – If you have other users on your broadband service your download speed will be affected by how much the other user is also downloading at the same time. You’re competing the the download speed and so you will both be affected. You may want to ask the other users to curb their usage for a period of time.
  • Website Busy – In some cases when a website becomes popular or overloaded then the speeds to this specific website will become slow. Other website should load as usual though.
  • Line Fault – If you are experiencing frequent service drop outs and/or very slow connection speeds (ie. 56k, 72k) you may have a fault with your telephone. Even if your service has been stable for a while the telephone copper in the ground can deteriorate. The fault can either be with your property, in the street or at your local telephone exchange. Fire, floods, street works, lightning can all degrade your telephone line service. To determine if there is a line fault our service desk will take you through a series of tests.

What tests can I perform before calling support in order to help resolve my broadband issue?

We recommend you perform the following tests before contacting support:

Connection Reset Test

  1. Power off and disconnect the telephone line from your modem/router for 15 minutes. This will force your connection on the exchange to be reset.
  2. Plug the telephone line back in and power up the modem.
  3. Wait a few minutes and attempt to surf the web.
  4. If you find the your speed has returned to normal then the connection reset has done the job!

Modem Replacement Test

  1. To eliminate the possibility that your modem has become faulty we recommend you test your connection with a second modem.
  2. Enter your ZettaNetusername and password into the second modem and connect it to you telephone line. We can help you with these settings should you require assistance.
  3. Attempt to surf the web. If you find the speed has returned to normal then you old modem is probably faulty.

Isolation Test

  1. An isolation test requires you to remove anything that is using a telephone service. It is a process of elimination to try and determine if any of the equipment on you property is causing your broadband issues. This process may take an hour to perform.
  2. Please remove all devices that use a telephone line. For example phones, faxes, alarm systems, eftpos, Foxtel
  3. Turn off your modem, wait 5 minutes. Power on your modem and wait for the service to reconnect. Try your broadband speed.
  4. If you find that your broadband speed has reurned to normal then one of the other devices is causing the problem. Proceed to connect each device to the telephone line again and then test your broadband speed as per step 3. BEFORE adding the next device. When you add a device and then find your speed has slowed then you have found the problem.

My ADSL Link/Sync/CD link is not lit up on the modem/router

Here are some activities to perform. If none of these work please contact ZettaNet support.

  • Reset/Reboot your modem/router.
    Turn off your modem/router, wait 5 seconds and turn it back on again. If your modem/router does not have a power switch, turn it off at the power socket. Once rebooted, sync can take up to 10 minutes to achieve.
  • Check to see the phone cable is still connected to the modem and not damaged. Ensure that the phone cable is not being walked on, or rolled over with a wheel of a chair.
  • Check to see if the telephone line has a dial tone. Plug a telephone into the line and pickup the handset to see if it has a dial tone.
  • Ensure the ADSL modem/router is not filtered. If the ADSL modem/router has a filter attached, remove it and reboot the modem/router
  • Ensure every other device on the line is filtered (eg phones, faxes, EFTPOS, Foxtel digital, monitored alarm system). All devices, other than the ADSL modem/router need to be filtered. This includes monitored burglar alarms and Foxtel Digital.

My Broadband keeps dropping out and resetting?

Occasional resets are expected and are not unusual.  If your broadband service has previously been stable and is now resetting quite often (i.e. 3 times a day) there is a possibility that there is a fault on your telephone line. If you experience frequent dropouts of service please contact our Support team and they will take you through a fault diagnosis test procedure.

My modem/router has sync but I cannot access any websites or check email

Here are some activities to perform. If none of these work please contact ZettaNet support.

  • Reset/Reboot your modem/router. Turn off your modem/router, wait 5 seconds and turn it back on again. If your modem/router does not have a power switch, turn it off at the power socket. Once rebooted, ADSL sync can take up to 10 minutes to achieve.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Check that your computer has an IP addresses.
  • Check that your router has an IP address.
  • Check that your router still has the correct configuration. Sometimes due to power failures, hardware may lose its settings.

My USB modem has no lights on it at all

  1. Unplug the modem from the computer and plug it back in again
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Plug the modem into a different USB port if available
  4. If using a USB hub, ensure it is of the powered variety.

The Ethernet/LAN light is not lit up on the modem/router

  1. Check the cabling at the modem/router end, and at the PC/Mac/hub/switch end
  2. If the modem/router is plugged into a hub/switch, ensure that the hub/switch has power
  3. If the modem/router is plugged into a hub/switch, check the crossover status
  4. If the modem/router is plugged directly into a PC/Mac, check that the network card is functioning correctly

How can do I use my ADSL account over Dial-Up?

  1. Setup a dial-up connection on your computer. This process varies depending upon your computer operating system. (XP, Vista, Apple)
  2. The number to dial is available on the Dial Up FAQ s page.
  3. Please use your ADSL username and password. Your username will need to be the full address ( or as per the Modem/Router Settings.
  4. Please note that you will need to turn off you ADSL modem in order to use the dial-up service.

Can I use the Dial-Up service on my ADSL account whilst my ADSL is connected?

No, the Dial-Up service is designed as a backup for your ADSL connection and can only be used when your ADSL connection is inactive.

I need help with my modem/router Configuration

Please check through our Setup Guides.

If there is a problem with my property’s internal telephone wiring, who pays to fix this?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to remedy any internal wiring issues before your property boundary. If the problem lies outside the property boundary the telecommunications provider will repair this at no cost to you.