What is shaping?

Shaping is the method we use to manage your download quota. Shaping only applies to our Broadband services (Home and Business Plans). Business DSL plans are shaped to 512k. Home DSL plans have shaping of 128k (Most ADSL1 Plans) and 256k for most ADSL2+ Plans. NBN plans are shaped from 256kbps to 512kbps. Please check with the support desk if you are unsure of the speed your plan is shaped to once your quota is reached.

When will I be shaped?

When you have reached your monthly quota on your OnPeak, Off Peak or Anytime period you will be shaped to a lower speed for that particular period.

What is the OnPeak and OffPeak Schedule?

On Peak – Between 06:00:00 – 17:59:59 (Monday to Friday)

Off Peak – Between 18:00:00 – 05:59:59 (Monday to Friday), All Weekend (Friday 18:00:00 – Monday 05:59:59)

What is an Anytime quota?

Anytime quota is download quota available to Business and NBN Residential plans. This quota is available any time of the day or night. Unlike HOME DSL plans it does not have on peak and off peak periods.

When do I get unshaped?

Shaping will be removed and your quota will be reset on the 1st of each calendar month.

Is traffic between ZettaNet customers shaped?

No. ZettaNet does not shape or count traffic routed over our network between our customers.

Does my unused quota rollover to the next month?

No. Your quota is reset.

Where can I view my monthly/daily usage?

Please log into My Account to view your usage.

I’m experiencing slow internet, could I be shaped?

Possibly, shaping slows the speed of your internet service. As a result, downloading emails and viewing web pages may take much longer than usual. There are also other reasons for slow internet speeds including telephone line faults and busy web servers. If you have any questions please give our team a call.

Can I buy a more download data to get unshaped?

Yes, we can provide you with a data block which will unshape your internet connection and allow you to continue to use the internet as normal.