Satellite provides the ultimate solution to remote voice and data requirements. We offer three satellite solutions which can be incorporated into other Zetta network and data centre services.


Fixed site equipment for IP Data and Voice

SatOffice a permanent stand-alone solution that brings all the capabilities of an IP network to off-site locations in most areas of Australia and parts of New Zealand. Supporting up to 30Mbps it is ideal to connect remote offices to corporate networks.


Transportable site equipment for IP Data and Voice

SatVoyager is a portable all-in-one satellite solution that provides secure access to the web and your network at almost any location in mainland Australia (provided a clear line of sight to the satellite can be established). SatVoyager is ideal for remote mobile exploration and other isolated workers.


Create your own cellular voice and data network 

SateZone enables you to create your own 3G/4G network wherever you need it. Improve employee productivity, safety and satisfaction by allowing workers to make and receive calls on their mobiles and get access to data even in the most remote of locations like exploration camps and mine sites.

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