A ZettaNet (Virtual Private Network) is delivered via either MPLS or SD-WAN. The solution offers business a simple and secure solution to deliver a private network between one or more locations (offices, shops, warehouses etc). This enables you to send email, share files, domain authentication, make voip phone calls, operate point of sale equipment on one single private network for your entire business. It doesn’t matter if you have two or twenty locations. We can setup a private network quickly and easily using ZettaNet’s national Network.

Flexible Configuration

If you have business requirements surrounding security, internet access and content filtering we can offer several configurations to meet these needs including:

  • CentralNet MPLS VPN – Central Firewalling and Internet Access.
  • DirectNet MPLS VPN – Distributed Firewalling and Internet Access.
  • SD-WAN VPN – Private Site to Site using Internet Connectivity.

Connect using almost any technology

We can connect multiple network technologies together to provide you with a seamless, secure network. You may want to connect a head office with branch or retail outlets to your warehouses, almost any configuration is possible.

Given the diversity of communications infrastructure available in Australia, some locations may be able to get fibre whilst others ADSL and others wireless. We can put all of these network technologies together to provide a single secure network. We can provide our VPN service using any combination of Ethernet (Fibre, EoC/Midband), Broadband DSL, HSDPA (4G Wireless) and Wimax (Fixed Wireless).

Works with your existing investment

Most organisations already have an existing investment in their network and don’t have the luxury of starting again from scratch. The ZettaNet SD-WAN service is both universally compatible and modular enough to integrate into most existing networks.

Cost Effective

Our SD-WAN VPN service can be included with almost any of our fibre, midband and data centre services for only a few hundred dollars per month depending upon the bandwidth, location and number of services you want to connect to your cloud.

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How can we help you?

ZettaNet is the expert in developing private networks for businesses requiring a scalable MPLS IP-VPN solution connecting multiple locations across Australia. When your business has multiple locations, secure and cost effective networking solutions are essential. Interconnect your head office, remote branches, tele-workers and mobile staff, regardless of size, access technology used or proximity to head office, with the ZettaNet Private Network.

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