The ZettaNet Link Protect service offers failover protection for your most important communication asset; your internet service. Failures do occur in communications infrastructure and one of the best ways to mitigate the loss of productivity is to have a second link. Link Protect provides your business with real-time fibre, copper or wireless link redundancy to allow your business to continue to operate.  Link Protect can provide link redundancy using multiple technologies and multiple carrier networks including: NBN/ NBN, Fibre/ NBN, Fibre / Mobile Broadband, NBN/Mobile Broaband, Fibre/Fibre and WiMAX.

Extensive Features

  • Great value. Pricing starts from $110 per month per service.
  • Provides High Availability to the Last Mile (copper, fibre, wireless)
  • Less than 60 second automatic transfer
  • Transparent network configuration
  • DirectNet MPLS VPN compatible
  • CentralNet MPLS VPN compatible
  • BGP Enhanced Solution
  • Managed CPE Service with Clustering Options
  • Zettagrid Cloud compatible

Works with other providers

Even if you have a primary link with ZettaNet and a secondary link with another provider, we can enable Link Protect to allow automated failover between these connections via a VPN tunnel.

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