If you own your own domain or would like an extra ‘@highway1.com.au’, @global.net.au, @globaldial.com.au email address, we can provide a simple yet powerful email service that is flexible to your needs. Simply select your email space requirements, and create as many email addresses as you like to use that allocation. For example, if you choose our 5GB plan you can use our email administration tool to create 1 x 5GB mailbox, or 10 x 0.5GB mailboxes or anything in-between. We allow you the flexibility to decide how your email quota is shared.

All prices include GST.

Space Allocation Monthly Fee Annual Fee Apply Now
1GB Storage (Approx 10k emails) $7.30 $88.00
2GB Storage (Approx 20k emails) $14.17 $170.00
3GB Storage (Approx 30k emails) $20.00 $240.00
5GB Storage (Approx 50k emails) $31.25 $375.00
10GB Storage (Approx 100k emails) $40.84 $490.00
20GB Storage (Approx 200k emails) $48.75 $585.00
50GB Storage (Approx 500k emails) $66.00 $792.00
100GB Storage (Approx 1M emails) $88.00 $1056.00
150GB Storage (Approx 1.5M emails) $110.00 $1320.00