1. Our Fair Use policy applies to all ZettaNet services and it aims to ensure that ZettaNet provides a quality services to all customers and that no customer is disadvantaged by the conduct of others.
  2. In doing so, this policy ensures that all customers do not use ZettaNet services in an unreasonable manner.
  3. We reserve the right to vary the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.
  4. We may rely on the Fair Use policy where any customer’s usage of the service is deemed unreasonable.


Unreasonable Use

  1. It is unreasonable use of ZettaNet services where your usage is considered by ZettaNet to be fraudulent or can adversely affect ZettaNet customer and their access to the ZettaNet network.
  2. It is unreasonable to use the bundled ZettaNet VoIP service within Call Centres or with automated calling systems.
  3. It is unreasonable to resell any ZettaNet service, including VoIP, without the prior and express consent provided by ZettaNet.


Our Rights

  1. If we consider your use of our services has, or is likely to breach this policy, we will notify you by phone or email using the contact details you have provided to us.
  2. If, after we have contacted you, your unreasonable use continues, we may, without further notice to you:
    1. suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) for any period We think is reasonably necessary; and/or
    2. terminate Your agreement with ZettaNet.


You can also download a PDF copy by clicking on ZettaNet Fair Use Policy.