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NBN Broadband is the latest in residential fibre optic and wireless services, providing up to 100Mbps of speed. The NBN rollout is progressing. Once the rollout is complete we will be able to provide services in most major capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and regional areas of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. For business fibre optic plans please visit Business Fibre Optic.

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Shaping and Quotas

We do not charge excess on our services. To ensure everyone gets fair use of the network we will slow your service once you have reached your download quota. Uploads are a separate quota and is equivalent to your download quota.  To remove your shaping all you need to do is call our service desk and upgrade your plan or alternatively wait until your monthly anniversary date.

Speeds Explained

The NBN advertised speeds are the connection speeds only. The actual download speed that you experience will be based on several factors including the congestion on your local network, your equipment capacity (router), your internal cabling, backhaul and international capacity, and the capacity of the web service you connect to.

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