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Mobile Broadband provides you with wireless internet, anywhere you can get a mobile phone (3G) signal, Australia-wide. Mobile Broadand If your business takes you to locations where ADSL1 or ADSL2+ aren’t available and Dialup doesn’t have the bandwidth you need, Mobile Broadband is the answer. We offer both dynamic and static ip Mobile Broadband options.

Post-Paid Plans
Plan Monthly Data Excess Data Monthly Fee
(unit price)
1.5GB $0.07/MB $22.00
4GB $0.07/MB $33.00
7GB $0.07/MB $55.00
10GB $0.07/MB $66.00

The unit price listed above is a way to compare the cost of 1MB of data for each plan, it is not an additional charge. It is just like how shops are required to display unit pricing for customers to compare one product against another. All plans come with a dynamic IP. A static IP available for $6.60 per month.

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What is 3G Wireless Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband is a wireless internet service. It is available in 96% of Australia and is expanding to cover 98% within the next few years. This means you can connect virtually anywhere to the internet using a laptop with your own personal internet connection.

ZettaNet supplies you with a USB modem and SIM card. The USB modem communicates with the same infrastructure used by mobile phones. This can be plugged into your computer (desktop or laptop and you then have internet access wherever you can receive a signal.

Should I cancel my ADSL service and just use mobile broadband?

We recommend that the mobile broadband service is used as a complimentary service to your ADSL fixed line service. Mobile broadband enables you to use the internet when you are out of your office or home.

Do you use your own mobile towers?

Optus provides our mobile tower infrastructure. By utilising the strength and coverage of the Optus network, ZettaNet can focus on providing great customer service and competitive pricing.

What does HSDPA mean?

HSDPA stands for High Speed Data Packet Access, which is the high bandwidth protocol used by the USB modem to communicate wirelessly with the internet. HSPDA has evolved from the GSM protocol used by most mobile phones.

What speeds can I expect with Mobile Broadband (HSDPA)?

Speeds vary based upon signal strength and the type of network available in your area. In metro areas customers can connect at up to 7.2Mbps. Download speeds vary significantly but 1.5Mbps is not uncommon.

Do I get a separate download and upload allowance?

No. Your monthly data quota is a total of both downloads and uploads. Be sure to turn off any programs that download or upload lots of data without your knowledge. We recommend removing the modem when it is not needed just to be sure.

What is the difference between NextG and HSDPA?

Both are 3G Mobile broadband services. NextG is Telstra’s branding for their 3G service.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a USB port. (Flat rectangular port, typically used by a keyboard or mouse)

What software do I need?

We will supply you with the software required to operate the USB modem. The software is supported for operation on:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac OS
Can I test out the service before committing?

We offer a 5 day return policy if you do not receive ANY signal. We also offer a loan service (subject to availability) for customers who need to test or are transitioning between other ZettaNet services.

Can I make voice calls or send SMS messages with this service?


Can I connect to a VPN using the mobile broadband device?

Yes, you can connect to a VPN although you will need to supply your own software and configuration to do this.

Do you notify me of data usage to prevent bill shock?

Yes, we email you when your usage is at 50%, 80%, 90% and 100% of your quota.

How do I change my plan?

To change your plan use our online form – Mobile Broadband Plan Change

Mobile Broadband Coverage

Select from the maps below to view 3G coverage in your area. Areas shaded in BROWN have 3G services available. Please call us on 1300 139 550 if you have any questions about coverage in your particular area.

Setup and Contract Charges

  • Setup and modem is free for 24 Month contract.
  • $49 Setup for outright modem purchase (No Contract)
  • $35 Setup for BYO modem. (SIM Only – No Contract)
  • Shipping is $15

Business Plans

If your business requires 20+ 3G services we can provide an aggregated data pool to all of your services so they can share a common data quota. Our business plans are ideal for businesses who have a range of light and heavy users. If you have further questions please contact our Business Sales Team on 1300 139 550.

Important Contract Information

All of the services we deliver to you are covered in our Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA). This agreement details important information including service descriptions, payment, billing and much more. All broadband services that we provide to you have a minimum contracted 12 months otherwise specified. The value of your contract is the monthly cost of your service, multiplied by the contract term. Cancellation of your service prior to the end of the contract term will result in a cancellation fee payable by you for the value of the remaining months of the contracted term. Further detail is available in our SFOA.

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