Mobile Broadband provides you with wireless internet, anywhere you can get a mobile phone (3G) signal, Australia-wide. Mobile Broadband If your business takes you to locations where ADSL1 or ADSL2+ aren’t available and Dialup doesn’t have the bandwidth you need, Mobile Broadband is the answer. We offer both dynamic and static ip Mobile Broadband options.

Plan Monthly Data Excess Data Monthly Fee
(unit price)
1.5GB $0.07/MB $22.00
4GB $0.07/MB $33.00
7GB $0.07/MB $55.00
10GB $0.07/MB $66.00

The unit price listed above is a way to compare the cost of 1MB of data for each plan, it is not an additional charge. It is just like how shops are required to display unit pricing for customers to compare one product against another. All plans come with a dynamic IP. A static IP available for $6.60 per month.

Download the Critical Information Summary