Who is ZettaNet?


ZettaNet specialises in providing flexible and reliable networks for Australian business.  Our network spans Australia with a high-speed fibre optics and incorporates data centres all in major capital cities. We also own and operate our own fully-meshed Cisco and Juniper MPLS core allowing us to provide dedicated, reliable and secure inter-office networks across the nation.

We’ve been in delivering Internet services since 1996 and understand the importance of giving our customers tailored solutions and excellent support. We offer DSL and NBN broadband, point-to-point Ethernet, Private Networks (MPLS), server co-location, hosting and voice services nationally.

The Team

ZettaNet is backed by an experienced technical and support teams in Sydney and Perth. We have the reach and local resources to assist businesses of varying shapes and sizes.  Customers choose us because we understand what they need – performance and reliability, flexibility and value, along with friendly, one-to-one support.

Our Customers

We’re pleased to be able to provide services to almost every industry. We know that potential customers feel comforted when they know they’re in good company. Our customer list remains confidential, however we have a few that have consented to be listed:

    • City of Swan – Fibre,Internet
    • Dome Coffee Franchises – Internet
    • Truck Centre WA – Fibres, Internet
    • Duxton Hotel – Fibre, Voice, Internet


From the beginning, ZettaNet has been at the forefront of the Internet, as a founding member of the WAIA, an ISP member of the Australian Internet Industry Association and Communications Alliance.

Corporate Structure

ZettaNet Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the diversified technology company, Zetta Group. Zetta Group also owns Zettagrid (Cloud Services) and Simtex (VoIP). It is this combination of breadth of service, technical expertise, small business focus and dedicated service delivery that gives ZettaNet a unique competitive advantage.

History and Acquisitions

ZettaNet has been an Australian Internet and network provider since our incorporation in 1996 as Highway 1. In 1997, Highway 1 acquired IAP Internet. In 2010 we acquired the assets of several ISPs including Global Dial, EON, Nerdnet, APIIX and Simtex. In 2012 we re-branded all of these acquisitions under the ZettaNet brand.